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We have a mission to encourage women of all age groups and walks of life to learn to take control of their health and gain accurate knowledge about the numerous symptoms, issues and illnesses that women face during the course of their lives.

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Many health issues can be assisted by researching information on personal development, lifestyle changes and personal relationships. Together with a healthy diet, gentle exercise and the regular use of Natural ProgesterAll Balancing Cream women have a very high possibility of achieving hormone balance


Every every woman is unique and deserves individual care and attention. Our consultant is available for your questions and queries, please contact us.  Taking control of our health should be our personal goal and priority, but natural alternatives for hormone balance is the key.

Every woman is unique

Women deserve the right to be informed and understand why they have such uncomfortable symptoms at various stages of their lives. Moreover, they want to know what they can do about it. Women all over the world are not informed by their general practitioners about hormone balance, in fact, women are not prepared for the change of life or hormone imbalance related symptoms.

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Our personal consultant has well-researched knowledge and personal experience with helping women with a multitude of symptoms and issues. Dr John Lee is the core of the information provided and was the pioneer on hormone imbalance. Please contact us for further details on our consultancy service


Hormone Imbalance Symptoms may be experienced as early as 25- 30, this is usually premenstrual syndrome, peri-menopause usually begins around the age of 4-45  some women,  the more common age group for menopause is around 50 and can go on for 10 – 15 years.

                                                                                                                                                                                SYMPTOMS & ILLNESSES

Many symptoms include night sweats, hot flushes, PMS, infertility, mood swings, migraine, pressure headaches, fibroids, bloating, endometriosis, stress, depression, weight gain, joint pain, dry skin, vaginal dryness, tender breasts, breast cancer, tearfulness, low libido, loss of hair, fatigue, loss of appetite or  general unwellness.

Because we realise that every woman is unique, we cover a wide selection of topics on our blog, including special articles from carefully chosen practitioners and health experts. For information on specific subjects and questions please contact us



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