Ali grew up in England, in the midlands, one of the most beautiful parts of the British Isles. Shakespeare’s land, full of historic buildings, old public houses, mansions, industry, rivers and green rolling countryside.

She studied secretarial administration at school and left in 1972 to become a travel agent´s secretary and receptionist. But, this was not her dream job, catering had been her passion, but however, it was not to be.

Ali came from a Sussex and Yorkshire background, her grandmother Alice was from Wakefield and her grandfather from the south. Ali´s mum grew up in Somerset. So that´s why she likes cider, maybe!

Travel became her option

Ali began traveling with her younger sister in 1979, off they went hitch-hiking, they planned to go from Torquay in Devon to Rome in Italy. It was Carole her sister´s exciting idea, at first Ali wasn´t sure, but sure enough, it happened and became the beginning of their new lives.

Eventually, they set off through France, Italy and finally to end up in Switzerland. They both worked at the Hilton Hotel group, in Zurich and Germany, they were both on a journey of life, and neither of them knew exactly what they wanted from life or what they would do with the rest of their life. Catering is a hard job, and they soon realized it.

Spain – only for a few months

When Ali arrived in Bilbao for a 6-month Spanish language course she had no idea she would meet her future husband and live in this amazing country for probably the rest of her life. Eventually, they had their own property management business in Alicante and Murcia and had twin boys.

Moving South – Andalucía

For family health reasons Ali, her husband and the twins moved south the Málaga. Here she found where her heart belonged. The place she had been dreaming of and thinking of for many years. A place steeped in history with a culture like no other.

Rolling hills of olive and avocado trees, the perfume of lemon and orange groves, rambling high eucalyptus trees and roaming elegant Andalusian horses. But the most beautiful thing about Andalucía for her was the deep blue star-studded sky at night.

How she found out about Natural Balancing Cream therapy – now this was something new for her!

After many years of living and working happily, Ali encountered a few health issues and decided to go to England to visit a hormone and cancer care specialist Doctor Paul Layman in Wilshire.

At this time he was a close friend of Doctor John Lee, a doctor that had changed the lives of women around the world, but of whom Ali had not heard. But soon would do and it would change her life too.

Unknown to me at this time, Dr. John Lee and Dr. Paul Layman would become my coach and mentor. I was going to be their “woman on the ground in Spain” so to speak. This was not a field of work I had ever considered, but it was soon to become a reality.

They found me and Dr. Layman knew I had the empathy and compassion to help other women who needed Natural Progesterone Cream. He explained to me that neither myself or other women were going to get natural progesterone cream from their general practitioner or specialist doctor. Dr. Layman could see I had the symptoms, I was really not well and trying to pass each day with peri-menopause symptoms. He gave me a book to read “What your doctor may not tell you about Peri-menopause” by Dr. John Lee. 3 tubes of ProgesterAll cream and off I went back to Spain, armed with my tools for my career and symptom-free life. Well almost!

After my consultation with Dr. Layman, I decided to try this “magic cream” and see if it would actually help me with my issues. I had quite a cocktail of symptoms that I had no idea were “hormone-related”. I just didn’t know where to start, so I did exactly as he had told me and I read the book.

Natural Balancing Cream – ProgesterAll

Ali was a little skeptical that this little tube of cream was going to help with: Mood Swings, Hot Flushes, Night Sweats, Dry Skin, Anxiety, Depression, Bloating, Tearfulness, Insomnia, the desire to walk off into the night and not return, but most of all and the worst symptoms…………….. Migraine!

The migraine headaches were really debilitating. Trying to work, run a business and take care of a 10-year-old son with Multiple Pituitary Hormone Deficiency caused by a brain tumor; was now putting a strain on life in general.

After using Natural Progesterone Balancing Cream life became much easier and the symptoms started to disapear.

Dr. John Lee – saved the day

Ali started to make a diary and keep notes just as Dr. Layman had suggested. He told her to write down every day what she ate, drank and above all; use the cream as directed. She then had to write down at the end of each day what she felt, how the day had been for her.

This continued and she did exactly as she had been told. Slowly after 2 weeks the “hot flushes” had gone. This was amazing, from 10 – 15 a day, she slowly only experienced maybe 3 – 4 a day. Eventually, they stopped completely. This was beginning to look like a plan!

She realized that something was happening, first of all when she started to use the ProgesterAll Cream she hadn’t realized how bad she actually felt until she started to feel happier and brighter. It sounds rather strange, but this is how it was. Life was getting easier, but she still had to wait for the next monthly period (menstrual cycle) to see if the migraine should subside.

Well, it did! the migraines she experienced for the 3 days before her period disappeared, including the mid-cycle migraines, the hot flushes started to disappear within the first 4 days, this was amazing. This was “a miracle cream” well not exactly but as life had been so uncomfortable for so long, this was a great change and truly remarkable.

about ali

A consultant in the making

Ali had always been interested in Vitamins, Minerals and natural therapies, but had no idea her life was about to change, she was going to be one of those women who help other women change their lives too! she fell into the women wellness business with ease and passion. It came naturally and she realized that this was her purpose in her career.

Soon she began to take on the new role. Talking to other women about their symptoms, receiving emails and letters from ladies who really didn’t know how to cope. They had complicated issues and moreover, they had to stop work, stop caring for elders in their family and didn´t know when this was all going to end. Ali had experience with the symptoms, but she had so much to learn. She studied and learned about it all.

ProgesterAll España & Mi Vida Natura evolved

In 2007 ProgesterAll España began to operate and provide Natural Progesterone Cream ProgesterAll to anyone in Spain who wanted it.

A website was built and social media platforms were formed. Women were finally learning about this cream. They realized that their doctors were not going to necessarily agree with this therapy.

This product was new to women in Spain. But being strong and determined most women are prepared to try something from the unknown if it will help with the uncomfortable and annoying symptoms they are suffering with.

How to turn this journey into a holistic approach – with ProgesterAll

The secret is to have a clear understanding that hormone balance is a journey and has its own set of rules.

Holistic means Whole and Complete. Natural means without chemicals or dyes, without metals or man-made products.

A journal or diary is such a good tool. Taking notes of feelings, thoughts, food consumption, allergies, etc will not only help a woman on the hormone balance journey but certainly improve other aspects of life too.

Why use natural progesterone cream – ProgesterAll?

  • It balances your hormones Progesterone and Estrogen
  • Helps with mood swings and night sweats
  • Calms anxiety and depression
  • Revives vaginal dryness
  • Assist in diminishing endometriosis and ovarian cysts
  • Stops hot flushes
  • Dry skin will become moist again
  • Combats hair loss
  • Helps with Osteoporosis
  • Makes you feel “happy” again
  • Takes away mood swing feelings


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