Dr John Lee has changed the lives of women around the world. He knew that women needed something and it was not HRT, he knew there was a missing link in the hormone balance patterns and that women were suffering and not receiving the correct information regarding their symptoms.

He left behind his medical practice and dedicated his time to investigating and researching the complex field of female hormones. This was the breakthrough for women worldwide. Not completely accepted by all the medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies, but he knew that what he found out, we needed to hear about it.

Dr Lee first published his startling conclusions about conventional hormone replacement therapy (HRT) he said “synthetic hormones don’t work as predicted and worse still, they pose a health threat to women” His findings blew up a storm of controversy. A few years later research has proved him right. Now millions of women concerned about ageing and facing the menopause are looking for alternatives to HRT and finding them in natural hormones such as ProgesterAll Natural Balancing Cream. This was Dr Lee’s effective and commonsense approach to restoring hormone balance. He recommended that women chose a healthy diet, stop smoking, use gentle exercise daily and get some Natural Progesterone into their body. He knew it had to be bio-identical, easy to use and of course transdermal.

Dr Lee was an author and well recognized sought-after speaker on Hormone Balance, Hormone Balance Diet and Natural Progesterone Cream. Although Dr Lee died in October 2003, his work lives on in his best selling books, audios, videotapes and through this website. Here at Women Wellness Guide, we are proud of being able to offer our customers probably the best bio-identical natural progesterone cream on the market today. Once a woman uses ProgesterAll she will feel the amazing effects of what it feels like to be hormonally balanced without chemicals and artificial hormones.

Co-author Virginia Hopkins who assisted in some of Dr John Lee´s books provides a wealth of information for women with hormonal issues and menopause symptoms. Her website covers a wide selection of issues not only for women but including the male audience. This interesting lady continues to carry out the work of Dr Lee via her books and the use of Progesterone Cream for natural hormonal balance. Find out more about Virginia and her informative research.


A selection of books written by Dr John Lee and co-author Virginia Hopkins

ProgesterAll Natural Progesterone Balancing Cream

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