Menopause literally means that your monthly periods begin to fade away or stop. This is a wonderful time of a woman’s life, but not always the case for some women. In some parts of the world women rarely suffer from hormonal imbalance so it has been said that diet and exercise has a lot to do with how we pass through the “change of life” 

Women reach the age of 48 – 50 and start to feel a few symptoms of peri-menopause, this is the beginning, some women feel this for a year or so and that´s it, but others follow through into menopause with the full-blown attack, suffering night sweats, which means they cannot sleep properly and then feel the effects the next day, insomnia is also another symptoms and sometimes comes with or without the night sweats. Women really need to be prepared for this time in their lives, no one teaches us what is to come or what to expect. Using natural wellness products will certainly ease symptoms at this time.

Usually, periods start to diminish slowly, but once a woman has gone a whole 12 months without a period, this is the sign that it is over and she should really have any more spotting or periods, if she does then she should see her practitioner.


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