Before you order ProgesterAll

Every woman is unique and adapts differently to progesterone cream.

For a woman with severe hormone imbalance symptoms the average time is around three months for total effect,  but this of course depends on the symptoms and the gravity of them.

After using ProgesterAll for a while you will be able to adapt your dosage to your personal needs. Your body will tell you when you need it more or less.

Usually within a very short time of using ProgesterAll, you will know when your body needs the cream, and you will be able to follow a pattern that suits you.

Every woman is an individual, and our consultant will guide you with your dosage and explain exactly how to use ProgesterAll Cream depending on your symptoms and age. If on the other hand your practioner has recommended it, then he or she will advise you on your correct dosage.

Ordering ProgesterAll Balancing Cream

We highly recommend that you start by ordering 3 tubes of balancing cream, this will ensure your hormone levels adapt and balance naturally over a 3 month period. You can reduce your dosage when you notice the changes have taken place and apply the cream at your own pace.

Making Ordering Easy for you

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We offer 1 tube, 2 tubes or 3 tube packs. For practioners please contact us.

ProgesterAll™ Balancing Cream is available in different pack sizes. 

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