Autumn and your health!

Autumn and your health!

Natural progesterone cream

The hot summer days are over and beautiful Autumn is here, its time to get cosy on the sofa and relax.

Vitamins & Minerals 

Ladies, are you upping your intake of Vitamin C? This is vital to protect yourself from vituses and infections.

If you haven´t thought about supplments, then this is the time to start.

Zinc and Calcium, Vitamin B and Vitamin D are important for women at this time of the year. You must take magnesium to compliment calcium, it will enhance the action of the mineral. All these litle things are important. 

Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements from Welling Being UK

The autumn time is perfect to start to build up the immune system, the days are sunny but the early evenings are fresh, remember that the damp air affects many people.

According to Chinese medicine, dampness has a lot to do with many ailments and illnesses and should be avoided, especially for women. Find out more at Kura Chinese Medicine


natural  hormone balance

Chinese Medicine can also be very useful for hormone balance

Your hormones will be at different levels during Autumn

As the seasons change so will your hormone levels, this can mean that you may be more estrogen dominant and you should watch out for this. 

If you start to feel tired due to the earlier dark evenings, then up your dose to three times a day for a week. 

Natural Progesterone Cream is one of the most effective ways to balance your hormones naturally.

Women who start using ProgesterAll Cream in the Autymn often experience a week or so of extreme symptoms, and actually feel worse for wear, but this is the effectiveness of the cream, it’s changing your levels and this is quite natural.

Keep to a healthy diet, try to avoid a lot of sugar and fungi products, such as soya, mushrooms and tuna (tuna eat everything from the bottom of the sea)

Eat salmon, mackerel, cod and hake, try making your own fish cakes, but use very little oil, be sure to use olive oil,  hempseed oil, coconut oil or flax seed oil.

Avoid sunflower oil and corn oil. Do not heat oil to extremes, gently warm it, then use it. Then throw it.







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