Hot Flushes & Night Sweats

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Estrogen surges at different intervals during the day, it usually starts from the chest and moves up the neck to the face. For a few minutes, a woman will feel very uncomfortable, sometimes a little dizzy. Her body temperature rises.

This is caused by estrogen surges and referred to as Estrogen Dominance.

By using Natural ProgesterAll Balancing Cream these hot flushes will slowly diminish and stop altogether. 

  • Wear cotton clothing both underwear and outer wear.
  • Buy cotton mix jumpers and wear them on top of blouses
  • Take off layers as you feel a flush coming on.
  • Apply a few dabs of cream behind your ears and on your chest
  • Cut down on alcohol and caffeine
  • When going out drink long drinks with small amounts of alcohol.
  • Eat lots of cool fruit, such as watermelon, melon, fruit salad and homemade fruit and vegetable juices.
  • In the morning when you wake up try to drink warm water with lemon juice, a slice of lemon and fresh ginger and a small slice of Dong Quai root.
  • Remember to apply ProgesterAll cream t clean skin
  • Be sure you apply your ProgesterAll cream in areas that the sunlight will not reach it.

Insomnia – Sleepless – Restless Nights


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Waking up in the morning and feeling like you havent slept at all is the recipe for a disasterous day. Sleep during menopause is very important. Women are busy and they need to sleep at least 7 hours every night.

If you wake up in the night take a few stips to help you sleep:

  • Take a luke warm shower and dab yourself dry
  • Drop some lavander essential oil drops on your pillow around the top and sides.
  • When you go back to bed rub a pea size dab of ProgesterAll on the soles of your feet, in the middle, hop in bed and relax
  • Put some gentel zen music on and think about a scene that you love, countryside, mountains or the ocean.
  • Don´t eat heavy meals before you go to bed. A light meal should be taken at least 3 hours before you retire for the night
  • Avoid arguments, discussion about finance or action movies before you go to bed.
  • Wear cotton night dresses or pyjamas, be sure that your feet are warm.

Migraine & Tension Headaches

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A migraine is not a “headache”, a migraine occurs when the blood vessels around the brain swell in different parts of the head. A migraine is a complexed infirmity and can be caused by many reasons. Estrogen Dominance is the main perpetrator of the cause of hormonal migraines. These can begin at peri-menopause and contine into menopause.

Hormonal Migraines normally occur 3 days before a woman´s period is about to begin. There is a surge of estrogen, preparing for the period to start if the egg has not been fertilized. 

Treatment for this is vital until you have balanced your hormones correctly with ProgesterAll. This takes time but with a little patience and few dietary and lifestyle changes, this symptoms can be kept under control.

Again during the middle of the cycle around days 12-16, there is another surge of hormones, the Progesterone hormone is the hormone that protects the fertilized egg and maintains its in the womb so that it develops into a baby.

If a woman is hormonally unbalanced she will still release Progesterone, but she may be releasing more Estrogen, and this is where the imbalance happens and causes the tension to begin. 

Using Natural Progesterone Balancing Cream ProgesterAll you will be able to avoid hormonal migraines, but you should also take other aspects into account:

  • You must relax and keep calm
  • Do not drink strong alcholic drinks
  • Avoid cheap wine
  • Remove all MSG products from your diet
  • Reduce chocolate, oranges and stronge cheeses
  • Try not to eat acid forming foods, including fruits and vegetables
  •  A migraine suffers should never eat wheat or drink lactose drinks late at night.
  • Migraines start in the digestive system, so eat light in the evenings and avoid lactose and wheat products.
  • If you are affected by migraine through consumption of certains foods you will know after 4 hours of eating or drinking it.
  • Remove all strong cleaning products from your home. Use essential oils and lemon juice, from real lemonss.
  • Keep clear of cigarrete smoke, cigars and heavy perfumes
  • If you wear perfume, find something gentle that has no heavy Jasmin, Vanilla, Cedarwood and Violet notes
  • Wear a light cologne like Eau de toilettes that are organic. Sample perfumes to see before you buy them. 
  • Bright sunlight, loud music and spicy hot foods may also induce an attack.

    Weight Gain and Bloating

One of the symptoms of Estrogen Dominance is weight gain, especially around the tummy area and hips. Estrogen is usually housed in the fatty areas of the body, hips, tummy and thighs.

Your body will start to digest and process food completely differently when you enter the peri-menopause stage of life. If you can control it and change your diet and lifestyle then when your menopause journey starts you will be accustomed and ready for it.

You will notice when a woman has Hormonal Weight Gain, normally she has very slim ankles, thin wrists and fingers, but is heavier around her middle. These are the Estrogen Dominance signs.

It is important to keep to a healthy lifestyle and walk as much as you can. Walking gets these areas moving and of course go to the gym if you have time.

Chemicals in food and the environment can cause this too, so keep away from estrogen related foods. The medical term for products that cause imbalance is Xenoestrogens. Find out more  from our resident specialist Dr Jose Mercola

 Mood Swings & Depression 

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Mood swings start with estrogen dominance, that’s why it’s called “mood swings” because they come and go for no particular reason, this is caused by uncontrolled imbalanced hormones, and unfortunately it could be more than one or two hormones that are contributing to your mood swings.

  • Rquest a full blood test from your doctor
  • Eat a balanced diet and reduce sugar, msg, alchol and stress
  • Try not to take antidepressants
  • Use ProgesterAll as subscribed by our consultant for this symptom at all times.
  • Talk to your husband or partner
  • Talk to other women about your feelings
  • Join discussion groups on social media, but avoid all negative groups
  • Remember that people around you really don´t know what you are going through, only another woman, and not all of them.
  • Take up hobbies that you enjoy
  • Find time for you and meet up with your friends for lunch or coffee, chat about old times or events, but always positive.
  • Get plenty of sleep, go to bed early and read something uplifting
  • Take a few a few minutes out of your day and relax, sit down and put some ProgesterAll on the soles of your feet and behind your ears. Read a book or learn to meditate.
  • If you do feel very poorly then find a friend to talk to, someone you can confide in, call her and ask if she has time for a coffee or a drink somewhere to an afternoon to go shopping.
  • A change of scenery will work wonders.
  • Talk to your doctor if it becomes very serious. At the same time using ProgesterAll Balancing cream will certainly help, but like all natural alternatives it will take time, patience is the secret.



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