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Why Natural Progesterone?

why natural progesterone

Every woman has a question about hormones, but usually we have no idea where to start, so lets ask ourselves Why Progesterone?

In a woman´s healthy monthly cycle Estrogen is the dominant hormone for around the first 12-15 days, balanced by progesteronewhich is the dominant hormone for the latter two weeks.

When foreign estrogen is introduced into this intricate balance, primarily through food and water, prescription hormones, household and exterior pollutants, then the progesterone production and utilization are suppressed.

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Natural Progesterone Cream ProgesterAll, should not be confused with other creams and Yam Extract Creams. Whilst Yam has been shown to be beneficial to many women´s health, the vital issue is that of bio-identical and biological progesterone levels and progesterone´s balancing effect on estrogen.

Only supplemental natural progesterone has been demonstrated over the years to increase serum and saliva progesterone levels in women. For this reason so many women have chosen to chose transdermal cream for a natural hormone balance alternative.

  • ProgesterAll natural balancing cream is transdermal, fragrance and chemical free, a naturally moisturising cream containing bio-identical Natural Progesterone.
  • No animal testing is used in this product, which makes it one of the most popular alternatives on the market today.
  • ProgesterAll is easily absorbed into the skin and transported to the fat cells where stored until required by the body.

This amazing cream has a very magical effect on women and has been carefully calculated so those who suffer with symptoms resulting from unopposed estrogen can utilise it on a schedule which parallels their own body´s natural cycles of progesterone production.

ProgesterAll works hand in hand with your own body clock work and balances hormones effectively.

Unlike chemical hormones which are destroyed by the stomach acids when taken internally, ProgesterAll works slowly over time, but with consistency and without sudden biological changes. Women adapt to ProgesterAll easily, even when their symptoms have become unbearable and unforgiving.

So why is Estrogen such a difficult part of our life yet a necessary production within the female hormone balance cycle. To find out more about the the four major naturally occurring estrogens in women Learn more about the important role of Progesterone.



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